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Field Guide – Monitoring and Evaluation for HPV Demand Promotion

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  • Target Audience
  • Communication Specialists
  • Program Implementers

This guide is meant to provide practical and useful information around Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) to country-level staff involved in planning, designing, and implementing Social Behaviour Change (SBC) program interventions for Human Papillomavirus (HPV) vaccination. A guide like this one is in response to the emphasis on strengthening the evidence-based efforts of SBC programs in order to show how SBC helps promote lasting change in values, attitudes, perceptions, practices, and social norms around key health issues. This guide will provide the rigorous and comprehensive M&E framework at country level that allows for timely decision making, accountability, and provides the basis for learning to guide future programming in communication for HPV vaccination. This guide can be adapted at country level to address the specific M&E needs of each country’s unique context, but the fundamental elements should be maintained to ensure that the M&E plans remain systematic and robust. This guide should be used in conjunction with the other companion guides created for HPV Demand Promotion, specifically: • The “Field Guide–Planning for HPV Demand Promotion” shows how M&E fits into and informs the seven steps of program planning. • The “Field Guide–HPV Message Framework” provides key messages for different target audiences that can be used to define SMART objectives for your campaign’s outcomes and impacts. • The “Field Guide–Advocating for HPV Vaccination” provides special guidance on how to monitor and evaluate the advocacy component of your campaign.