Welcome to The Global HPV Communication Website for HPV Vaccination Promotion

The Global HPV Communication website is a digital platform that serves as a one-stop-shop for your HPV vaccine communication needs. The site provides a variety of SBC resources on the HPV vaccine, including tools, campaign examples, how-to-guides, fact sheets, adaptable messages, and more. Resources are available for a variety of target audiences, including program implementers, health workers, government officials, teachers and educators, journalists and media professionals, and more.


You can become a contributor and upload your HPV vaccine promotion materials here, to facilitate knowledge sharing with other members of the SBC and vaccine promotion community. Together, using the power of SBC, we can help prevent cervical cancer and foster health and well-being in our communities worldwide.


The Purpose of this portal

This portal is intended for communication specialists and program implementers who are advocating for HPV vaccination in order to prevent cervical cancer and save the lives of women and girls. It is also intended for national and local leaders who want to take action to promote the HPV vaccine in their countries and communities.

The site hosts a selection of communication materials that highlight the importance of advocacy for ensuring widespread HPV immunization; map out key decision-makers and influencers whom advocacy campaigns should reach; and discuss key messages that will inspire and equip decision-makers and influencers to take action.

Communication specialists and program implementers can use the materials in this portal to educate target audiences whose participation is necessary for cervical cancer prevention. Groups that should be approached for advocacy include, but are not limited to:

  • Government ministries, including finance, health, and education ministries
  • Professional associations such as the national association of social workers, the association for marketing and the association of public relations.
  • Parliamentarians and other government officials
  • Media members and journalists
  • Religious and community leaders

Links to additional information on HPV

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