Field Guide – Engaging Communities for HPV Advocacy

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  • Communication Specialists
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This guide provides a unique process for engaging communities in the promotion of HPV vaccination. This community engagement model relies on social leaders, as well as connections and networks that exist in communities in many parts of the world. It also draws upon the influence of local leaders and other influential people in the community to mobilize caregivers, persuade them, and spread the message about HPV vaccination. This model is also unique because it requires minimal intervention from external players, relying on community resources, leadership, and actions to sustain a locally driven action or movement. The role of external stakeholders is limited to the initial mobilization, monitoring of progress, and supportive actions, ensuring that the initiative is locally driven. This guide describes in detail the concept of 10 for 10K actions (each of 10 advocates reaching out to 100 individuals, which results in 10K Actions) and/or promotion of vaccinations and outlines the mechanisms and processes to make it operational and sustain community engagement.