Field Guide – Digital Dialogue for HPV

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  • Target Audience
  • Communication Specialists
  • Program Implementers

This guide describes some of the key elements of digital dialogue and social media engagement that may be used to promote HPV vaccination programmes around the world. It highlights the key actions that need to be taken by various groups and stakeholders in HPV vaccination promotion on digital platforms. Developing a digital strategy is an opportunity to share t ailored m essages w ith s pecific a udiences using appropriate and relevant social media. The potential of social media to reach many specific audiences and to receive feedback while encouraging real time conversation makes it a unique tool for social and behavior change communication. A digital strategy may complement a larger communication strategy or may stand on its own. Developing an effective digital strategy includes identifying goals, developing accurate and consistent messages, identifying potential audiences (including social media allies and influencers), and establishing measurement tools to promote HPV vaccine and cervical cancer prevention using digital dialogue.