The origins are both common and weird, from cult leaders to old Mexican ranchos to the pets and family members of … ", "Crack's Legacy: A special report; A Drug Ran Its Course, Then Hid With Its Users", "Neighborhood Report: Washington Heights – Police Hit Streets In a New Precinct", "Police Practices and Civil Rights in New York City - Chapter 3", "A tale of 3 cities: LA and NYC outpace Chicago in curbing violence", "Body of Young Woman Is Discovered in a Park", "New York Day by Day; Fort Tryon Park Turns 50. . [10]:232 Years later, during the British evacuation of New York, George Washington and his staff stood in front of the tavern as they watched the American troops march south to retake the city. [55] The 34th Precinct ranked 23rd safest out of 69 patrol areas for per-capita crime in 2010,[208] while the 33rd Precinct ranked 24th safest. Led Black of the Uptown Collective blog disparaged the name in his 2018 post titled "Hudson Heights Doesn't Exist," asserting that despite the Broadway divide, "both sides are and will forever be Washington Heights. From south to north, they are 10032 (between 155th and 173rd streets), 10033 (between 173rd and 187th streets) and 10040 (between 187th and Dyckman streets).[220]. [8]:7 A mystery surrounds his family home by Riverside Drive, which was deconstructed and moved to a city lot to make room for new development in 1931, only for its remnants to vanish without a trace. You searched for apartments in Washington Heights. [75] The program was controversial, facing criticism from the New York Civil Liberties Union and resistance from some residents for its invasion of privacy,[56]:193 but it did drastically reduce crime on the block,[76] and the initiative was expanded throughout the city and even exported to Chicago. . [178] The annual race, sponsored by the Manhattan Island Foundation, attracts more than 200 competitors. [11]:74[12]:442 On the plateau west of Broadway between 175th and 181st streets, the residents had been cultivating crops in a field known to Dutch colonists as the "Great Maize Field. [56]:219 Other organizations more focused on social services include the YM&YWHA,[87] the Washington Heights Corner Project,[88] the Northern Manhattan Coalition for Immigrant Rights,[89] and the Community League of the Heights. [43] No other neighborhood in the city was home to so many German Jews, who had created their own central German world in the 1930s. [180], Washington Heights has some of the largest parks in northern Manhattan, which collectively has over 500 acres (200 ha) of parkland. [93]:2, As of 2017, the median household income in Community District 12 was $56,382,[145] though the median income in Washington Heights individually was $45,316. [62] The killers fled to the Dominican Republic, where one – Daniel Mirambeaux, the alleged shooter – died in police custody in June 1989 after plunging to his death under mysterious circumstances, and a second was apprehended by U.S. This was exemplified by the story of José Reyes, who organized tenants of his building on 157th Street and talked with police officers to get the Jheri Curls crack gang out of his building. part of New York island, exhibiting the plan of Fort Washington, now Fort Knyphausen...., (1777)", "Principal Map of the North Part of New - York Island, exhibiting the Plan of Fort Washington, now Fort Knyphausen", "Fort Tryon Park Monuments - Fort Tryon Memorial", "Highbridge Park Highlights - Fort George Playground", "Ghost Light: Illuminating Our City's Theatres: RKO Coliseum", "Washington Heights Theater Could Be Demolished Soon, Report Says", "Audubon's Home, and Columbus Circle's Past", "A Neighborhood of Castles in the Sky: Washington Heights before The Cloisters", "Paterno Castle To Be Demolished – $6,000,000 Apartment Project Planned by Dr. Paterno Overlooking Hudson – Five Houses To Be Built – Occupy Seven-Acre Tract on Washington Heights South of Tryon Park Project to Cost $6,000,000 Large Landscape Area", "The Peopling of New York 2011: Armenian and Greek Immigrants", "NCAS Professor Robert Snyder Traces the History of NYC's Washington Heights", "The Last of Frankfurt-on-the-Hudson: A Staunch, Aging Few Stay On as Their World Evaporates", "Hudson Heights Climbing to the Next Level", In Washington Heights, Drug War Survivors Reclaim Their Stoops, "Crack's Destructive Sprint Across America", "Hispaniola to New York Streets: Immigrant Dreams Gone Awry", "U.S. is Investigating Reports of Corrupt New York Police", "Angered by Police Killing, a Neighborhood Erupts", "Officer Tells of Partner's Slaying in Drug Operation", "2 Sentenced to 25 Years to Life for Officer's Murder in 1988", "Slain Cop's Father Honored in Washington Heights", "Little League Coached By NYPD Officers To Honor Fallen Cops Kicks Off Opening Day", "Where Has Your Neighborhood Drug Dealer Gone? [322], The 190th Street station contains the subway's only entrance in the Gothic style,[323] although it was originally built as a plain brick building. For census purposes, the New York City government classifies Washington Heights as part of two neighborhood tabulation areas called Washington Heights North and Washington Heights South, split by 181st Street west of Broadway and 180th Street east of Broadway. [68] Of the five major violent felonies (murder, rape, felony assault, robbery, and burglary), the 34th Precinct had a rate of 583 crimes per 100,000 residents in 2019, compared to the boroughwide average of 632 per 100,000 and the citywide average of 572 per 100,000. Notable current and former residents of Washington Heights include: Neighborhood of Manhattan in New York City, This article is about a neighborhood in New York City. One scholar refers to the area in 1940 as “Fort Tryon” and “the Fort Tryon area.” In 1989, Steven … His father, James Gordon Bennett, Sr., bought the land and was previously the Herald's publisher. Located just north of Johnson C. Smith University, this historic neighborhood was established in 1913 and was built primarily for middle-income African-American residents. By the late 1930s, more than 20,000 refugees from Germany had settled in Washington Heights. [104][105], Many have expressed opposition to the neighborhood's gentrification on both commercial and residential fronts. [155] Most of the neighborhood businesses are locally owned. [69][211][212], As of 2018[update], Community District 12 has a non-fatal assault hospitalization rate of 43 per 100,000 people, compared to the boroughwide rate of 49 per 100,000 and the citywide rate of 59 per 100,000. This can be seen in the 2019 statistics, where the combined 33rd and 34th precinct crime rates showed dramatic reductions from the 1990 rates in motor vehicle theft (96.3% decrease), burglary (91.1%), murder (90.3%), and robbery (80.6%), while more modest reductions were made in felony assault (57.1%), rape (50%), and grand larceny (44.1%). [59], As Robert W. Snyder describes in his book Crossing Broadway: Washington Heights and the Promise of New York City, the reality of Washington Heights under the crack trade was not just one of physical danger, but also fear. Washington Heights Historic District The Washington Heights Historic District Nomination, Historic District Brochure, and Historic District Maps are accessible from this page. [228][c] In 2019, an average of 39% of District 6 students from grades 3 to 8 received a 3 or 4 on the State Test (combining ELA and Math), compared to 47% citywide. [56]:178, This problem was exacerbated by the deteriorating relationship between residents and police, a conflict that came to a head on July 4, 1992, when José "Kiko" Garcia was shot by 34th Precinct Officer Michael O'Keefe on the corner of 162nd Street and Saint Nicholas Avenue. [165], Five clubs in American professional sports played in the Washington Heights area: the New York Giants baseball club, the New York Mets, the New York Yankees, and the New York Giants and New York Jets football teams. [199], The United Palace, made a landmark in 2016, hosts a number of cultural and performing arts. ", "Millrose Games, after almost 100 years at Madison Square Garden, will be held at The Armory in 2012", "Coogan's Restaurant in Washington Heights: About Us", NYRR Washington Heights Salsa, Blues, and Shamrocks 5K, "500 students expected to take part in second Uptown Games at New Balance Track & Field Center at the Armory", "First 'Uptown Games' promote active lifestyle for local youths", New York City Department of Parks & Recreation, The Hispanic Society of America New York, New York, "The most elite apartment building in Harlem", Fort Washington Park: Peregrine Falcons in New York City, "LPC Backlog Initiative Results in 27 New Landmarks", "Reverend Ike, Who Preached Riches, Dies at 74", "2020 Uptown Arts Stroll / Paseo de las Artes", "Inwood – Crime and Safety Report", "Washington Heights – Crime and Safety Report", "Reaching New Heights – Upper Manhattan Has Risen From the Depths", "Citywide Seven Major Felony Offenses 2000-2019", "Citywide Seven Major Felony Offenses by Precinct 2000-2019", "FDNY Firehouse Listing – Location of Firehouses and companies", "Engine Company 93/Ladder Company 45/Battalion 13", "FDNY EMS Station 13 - New York, New York", "Washington Heights, New York City-Manhattan, New York Zip Code Boundary Map (NY)", "NYC Geog Dist #6 – Manhattan Enrollment (2018–19)", "2019-graduation_rates_public_citywide.xlsx", "NYC Geog Dist #6 – Manhattan Graduation Rate Data 4 Year Outcome As of August 2019", "citywide-ela-results-2013-2019-(public).xlsx", "citywide-math-results-2013-2019-(public).xlsx", "district-ela-results-2013-2019-(public).xlsx", "district-math-results-2013-2019-(public).xlsx", "Community Health Academy of the Heights", "George Washington Educational Complex - District 6", "High School for Media and Communications", "High School for Health Careers and Sciences", "Gregorio Luperon High School for Science and Mathematics - District 6", "Gregorio Luperon High School for Science and Mathematics", "For Many Latino Students, College Seems Out of Reach - Education Week", "Washington Heights Expeditionary Learning School", "Success Academy Charter School - Washington Heights - New York 1", "School in the Square Public Charter School", "St. Elizabeth School - Washington Heights, NY", "Washington Heights Catholic School To Close, Church Says", "Our Mission - Yeshiva University High School for Young Boys", "New York-Presbyterian/Columbia University Irving Medical Center", "Columbia University Irving Medical Center", "CUNY Citizenship Now! [51] African-Americans began to move there in the 1980s, followed shortly by other groups. The baseball Giants played at the Polo Grounds near 155th Street and Fredrick Douglass Boulevard from 1911 to 1957, the Yankees played there from 1913 to 1922, and the New York Mets played their first two seasons (1962 and 1963) there as well as the football Giants (1925–1955) and New York Jets (1960–1963). Only the 184th Street pedestrian connection is handicap accessible. We tend to think of Lower Manhattan as having a lock on New York City history. [56]:162 Another cause was that despite the top-level connections for the cocaine trade being Colombians, Dominicans predominantly controlled the cocaine operations in Upper Manhattan and the South Bronx, making Washington Heights especially a battleground area due to its Dominican majority. The IRT Broadway–Seventh Avenue Line (1 train) has stops at 157th Street, 168th Street, 181st Street, and 191st Street. Click on an individual point to reveal more information about a specific landmark.. An Interactive Map Showcasing the Geographic Boundaries of a Proposed Dominican Historic District in Washington Heights Constructed in 1946, it remained in operation until 1964, by which point all land had been returned to Japanese control. Residents say it has ties to the Undergroudn Railroad and American history. One of the most infamous was the operation centered on 174th Street and Audubon Avenue, led by Santiago Luis Polanco Rodríguez and responsible for the "Based Balls" brand. Local politicians, sports enthusiasts, and community organizers have organized the "Uptown Games" for children at the Fort Washington Avenue Armory. Here’s another fun fact: Lin-Manuel Miranda wrote portions of Hamilton at the mansion. [100], The entirety of Community District 12, which comprises Washington Heights and Inwood, had 195,830 inhabitants as of NYC Health's 2018 Community Health Profile, with an average life expectancy of 81.4 years. [27], At the northwest corner of 181st Street and Broadway (then Kingsbridge Road) was the Blue Bell Tavern, built in the early-mid 18th century as an inn and site of social gatherings. [82] In 1997, the New York Restoration Project began to work on maintaining the park, but without the necessary funding most of the park's problems continued. [202] It was founded by Luís A. Miranda Jr., Roberto Ramírez Sr., and David Keisman in 2000. [260][261], Washington Heights also has the unzoned Washington Heights Expeditionary Learning School, on 182nd Street between Amsterdam Avenue and Audubon Avenue. [173] Starting in January 2012, the Millrose Games have been held there, after having been held at the second, third, and fourth Madison Square Gardens from 1914 to 2011. [146] As of 2008, the Uptown Art Stroll is run by Northern Manhattan Arts Alliance. Both the White population's increase and the Black population's decrease were largely concentrated in Washington Heights South, while the Hispanic / Latino population's decrease was similar in both census tabulation areas. [100] Data from StreetEasy also found that rents listed on its site had increased by 37% from 2000 to 2018. [193] The Society has the largest collection of works by El Greco and Goya outside the Museo del Prado, including one of Goya's famous paintings of Cayetana, Duchess of Alba. Over the years, longtime Washington Heights resident and grassroots historian Barry S. amassed hundreds of vintage photos of his neighborhood and Inwood— roughly the area from 157th Street to 218th Street in Upper Manhattan. but after his bumpy, bruised beginnings in the Bronx, baseball's heavy-hitting superstar has hit his stride", "Daffy Days of Brooklyn Return for Vin Scully", "Scott Stringer Wins a Crowded Primary and a Likely Election as Borough President", "Tiny Tim, Singer, Dies at 64; Flirted, Chastely, With Fame", "George Weinberg Dies at 87; Coined 'Homophobia' After Seeing Fear of Gays", "Jerry Wexler: The Man Who Invented Rhythm & Blues: Aretha Franklin producer, Atlantic Records co-chief and music business pioneer dies at age 91", An Evening with Screenwriter/Novelist Rafael Yglesias, "The View From Uptown: American Dreaming to a Latin Beat", "The Film 'In the Heights' is Shooting ... in (Washington) Heights", "How 'The Deuce' turned a quiet NYC neighborhood into porn-tastic Times Square", "West Side Story Remake Photos Reveal Steven Speilberg's Musical / Film Remake", "Manny Perez takes on new type of role as gay cop in, "'Mad Hot Ballroom' Screening in Uptown Park for Film's 10th Anniversary", "Washington Heights (TV Series 2013) - IMDb", "Angelina Jolie's Film 'Salt' Also Stars Washington Heights", "Pride and Glory (2008) - Plot Summary - IMDb", "The Saint of Fort Washington (1993) - Plot Summary - IMDb", "The Cloisters in Popular Culture: 'Time in This Place Does Not Obey an Order'", Frankfurt on the Hudson: The German-Jewish Community of Washington Heights, 1933-1983, Its Structure and Culture, Washington Heights & Inwood - The Official Guide to New York City,,_Manhattan&oldid=1001223413, Articles with dead external links from November 2017, Articles with permanently dead external links, Articles with dead external links from September 2017, Articles with dead external links from February 2019, All Wikipedia articles written in American English, Articles containing potentially dated statements from 2016, All articles containing potentially dated statements, Articles containing potentially dated statements from 2018, Articles containing potentially dated statements from 2020, Pages using multiple image with auto scaled images, Articles containing potentially dated statements from 2019, Pages using New York City Subway service templates, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Engine Company 67 – 518 West 170th Street, Engine Company 84/Ladder Company 34 – 513 West 161st Street, Engine Company 93/Ladder Company 45/Battalion 13 – 515 West 181st Street, Fort Washington Station – 556 West 158th Street, Dos Puentes Elementary School (grades K-5), Professor Juan Bosch Public School (grades K-5), Community Math and Science Prep (grades 6-8), City College Academy of the Arts (grades 6-12), Community Health Academy of the Heights (grades 6-12), High School for Media and Communications (grades 9-12), High School for Law and Public Service (grades 9-12), High School for Health Careers and Sciences (grades 9-12), Birch Family Services' Washington Heights Education Center (ages 3–8), Renaissance Village Montessori School (ages 1–6), The Fort Washington branch is located at 535 West 179th Street. Untapped New York Internships and Job Opportunities, Untapped New York Standards, Ethics, and Corrections Guide, Video Archive for Untapped New York Insiders. [142] Based on data from the 2010 United States Census, the population of Washington Heights was 151,574, a change of -15,554 (-10.3%) from the 167,128 counted in 2000. At the Hudson's shore, in Fort Washington Park[197] stands the Little Red Lighthouse, a small lighthouse located at the tip of Jeffrey's Hook at the base of the eastern pier of the George Washington Bridge that was made famous by a 1942 children's book. [150] The event is located in Fort Tryon Park, primarily on Margaret Corbin Drive from the park's entrance up to The Cloisters. History. [175] The race happens in March and sanctioned by the New York Road Runners.[176]. Its tapestries, stained glass and lush gardens make for an experience you won’t soon forget. Fort Washington Park, located on the Hudson River between 155th Street and Fort Tryon Park, offers a panoramic view of the river and the Palisades. [144]:24 (PDF p. 55), Washington Heights is part of District 6, along with Inwood and Hamilton Heights. To use: Pan over the map and explore Dominican symbols that mark the historic Dominican presence in Washington Heights. [40], During World War I, immigrants from Hungary and Poland moved in next to the Irish community. Washington Heights had become the second largest drug distribution center in the Northeastern United States during that time, second only to Harlem,[52] and the neighborhood was quickly developing a reputation to that effect. Apartments for Rent in Washington Heights, Los Angeles, CA. An AAM-accredited historic house museum, the Mansion interprets the colonial era, the period when General George Washington occupied it during the American Revolutionary War, and the early 19th century in New York. In addition to houses in Washington Heights, there was also 1 condo, 0 townhouses, and 1 multi-family unit for sale in Washington Heights last month. [56]:139[b], Hudson Heights is generally considered to cover the area west of Broadway or Overlook Terrace and north of 181st Street or 179th Street,[113][114] although some extend its southern boundary as far as 173rd Street. At home there are songs about it." [56]:181[61], The violence of the neighborhood's drug crisis left many police officers dead as well. [90] Two independent bookstores were also established in the 21st century: Word Up Community Bookshop on 165th Street and Amsterdam Avenue,[91] and Sisters Uptown Bookstore on 156th Street and Amsterdam Avenue,[92] both of which also serve as centers for cultural events. [320] On the other hand, the Harlem River Drive stays directly by the Harlem River for its course, leaving only the Harlem River Greenway to its east while Highbridge Park remains intact to its west. The eponymous heights split off and became Beverly by 1900. Then, as Naziism grew in Germany, Jews fled their homeland. [35] Even more extravagant, Paterno Castle was situated on the estate of real estate developer Charles Paterno by the Hudson River at 181st Street. But in 1980, he returned to do an oral history project, only to find a different story: residents fearful of crime and … [15]:20 Even after the bloody assault by the Dutch in Kieft's War (1643-1645), however, some Weckquaesgeeks managed to maintain residence in Washington Heights up until the Dutch paid them a settlement for their last land claims in 1715. Founded in 1909, it includes the Southwest Museum, the world headquarters of the Self-Realization Fellowship, and Eldred Street, one of the three steepest streets in Los Angeles. [93]:12, Eighty-one percent of residents eat some fruits and vegetables every day, less than the citywide average of 87%. [69][70][71], The crime drop, which was felt across all major cities, owed itself largely to the decrease in new users and dealers of crack cocaine, and the move of existing dealers from dealing on the streets to dealing from inside apartments. [41] The neighborhood changed in character in the 1970s as Soviet immigrants moved in. It was the oldest continuously operating school in Lakewood when it closed in 1968. [270] Area parents did not expect the development as a new principal had been recently appointed. The Washington Heights School opened in 1898 and expanded twice to accommodate the growing community. [149] There is a small shopping area at 187th Street between Cabrini Boulevard and Fort Washington Avenue in the Hudson Heights sub-neighborhood. Unzoned elementary and elementary/middle schools include: Unzoned middle and middle/high schools include: The former George Washington High School, built in 1923, takes up an entire block between Audubon and Amsterdam avenues, stretching slightly past West 192nd and 193rd streets. [13]:65 In 1915, the tavern was demolished again to build the 3,500-seat Coliseum Theatre, which yet again faces demolition for conversion into a retail facility after the denial of its landmark status. [49] Aufbau's offices eventually moved to the Upper West Side. [28]:11[33]:1, With a picturesque view of the Palisades, the elevated ridge of northwest Washington Heights became the site of a few modern castles. [327], 163rd Street station, with a mural commissioned from Firelei Báez in 2018. Historic Washington Heights is one of our newest partners. Its land is the highest ground in Manhattan. [325] To help residents navigate the steep hills of the neighborhood's northwestern area, the IND 181st Street and 190th Street stations provide free elevator service between Fort Washington Avenue and the Broadway valley below. As of 2016[update], it has a population of 201,590. [196] Several shops, restaurants and a bookstore occupy the first floor. [93]:16 Additionally, 24% of children are obese, more the citywide average of 20%. [262][263], Success Academy Charter Schools has a location, serving grades K to 4, in the former Mother Cabrini High School building near Fort Tryon Park. “Another relic of our Washington Heights’ Past, GONE FOREVER” reads this sign. [209][210] As of 2018[update], with a non-fatal assault rate of 43 per 100,000 people, Washington Heights and Inwood's rate of violent crimes per capita is less than that of the city as a whole. One of the major annual events of Washington Heights is the Medieval Festival, a collaboration between the NYC Parks Department and the Washington Heights and Inwood Development Corporation. [21]:167 Now in their control, the British renamed the position Fort Knyphausen for the Hessian general Wilhelm von Knyphausen, who played a major part in the victory;[22]:326[23] its lesser fortification at present-day Fort Tryon Park was renamed for Sir William Tryon, the last governor of New York before it was taken back by the Continental Army. Mount Washington is a historic neighborhood in the San Rafael Hills of Northeast Los Angeles, California. A 5.85-mile (9.41 km) recreational swim finishes there in early autumn. Guided tour, Fort Tryon Park Cottage (October 11, 2014). [144]:53 (PDF p. 84) Most inhabitants are children and middle-aged adults: 33% are between the ages of 25–44, while 25% are between 45 and 64, and 19% are between 0–17. As a teenager in the 1960s and ’70s, he took occasional walks through the western section of Washington Heights, convinced it was still a happy place. Heralding the arts scene north of Central Park is the annual Uptown Arts Stroll, in which artists from Washington Heights, Inwood and Marble Hill are featured in public locations throughout upper Manhattan each summer for several weeks. People were scared to swim at the Highbridge Park pool after a thirteen-year-old was killed while she was drying off by an angry gunman who fired several rounds at a lifeguard. [93]:14, The concentration of fine particulate matter, the deadliest type of air pollutant, in Community District 12 is 0.0078 milligrams per cubic metre (7.8×10−9 oz/cu ft), slightly greater than the city average of 7.5. Our History Washington Heights has seen innumerable changes since 1917, but one thing has remained constant: The YM&YWHA of Washington Heights & Inwood (the Y) has been there to serve the needs of an ever-evolving community. - CUNY Xpress Immigration Center - National Immigration Legal Services Directory", "Our Lady Queen of Martyrs - New York, NY", "Fort Washington Presbyterian Church - New York City", "AME Zion Church on the Hill - New York, NY", "Washington Heights Congregation ("The Bridge Shul")", "Man steals safe from Washington Heights mosque with $1,500 inside: NYPD", "Change and Outrage at the Bus Station That Time Forgot", "NEW YORK DAY BY DAY; Big Name And Short Road", "Governor Cuomo Announces Completion of Alexander Hamilton Bridge Rehabilitation", "Streetscapes: The High Bridge - Beauty on the Comeback Trail", New York State Department of Transportation, "National Register of Historic Places - NEW YORK (NY), New York County", "The Deepest and Highest Subway Stations in NYC: 191st St, 190th Street, Smith & 9th", "2 IND ELEVATORS OPEN TO FREE USE; Washington Heights Alpinists Take Heart - Subway Lifts Are Free", "Washington Heights Journal; A Subway Passageway Just for the Courageous", "MTA - Arts & Design | NYCT Permanent Art", "Alvarez following in some famous footsteps", "At George Washington High School, Beisbol is a Hit", Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism, "George Grey Barnard Papers : Historical Note", "Ward Bennett, 85, Dies; Designed With American Style", "For Betances, repping the Yankees is an American dream", "For This Playwright, Africa With Laughter, Not Tears", "Radio DJ Shot – Power 105.1 Man Hit 13 Times", Diane Arbus 1923-1971 'Waitress, Nudist Camp, N. ", "Work Begins On Second Phase Of $30M Highbridge Park Renovation", "5 Neglected New York City Parks to Get $150 Million for Upgrades", "Washington Heights Corner Project | Social Services Organization in New York City", New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, "34th Precinct National Night Out Against Crime - August 6, 2019", "In New York, Testing Grounds for Community Policing", "Neighborhood Policing Now in Every Neighborhood in New York City", "As Mayor Touts 'Neighborhood Policing', Questions Remain About What It Is", "How Neighborhood Policing Is Working in Washington Heights", "Uneven Burdens: How Rising Rents Impact Families and Low-Income New Yorkers", "A Gentrification Story with a Happy Ending", "Lin-Manuel Miranda Can't Save All Our Favorite Places", "A Finale at 40: Reme Restaurant closes up shop", "Fighting Over the Future of Inwood, Manhattan's Last Affordable Neighborhood", "'Radio Tower & Hotel' Breaks Ground at 2420 Amsterdam Avenue in Washington Heights, Manhattan", "First look at MVRDV's colorful Washington Heights mixed-use development", "1943 Profile of the Washington Heights, Manhattan area", "If You're Thinking of Living In Hudson Heights: High Above Hudson, a Crowd of Co-ops,", "Living in Hudson Heights: An Aerie Straight Out of the Deco Era", "Hudson Heights Pumps More-for-Less Theme", "In Hudson Heights, A Bid to Keep the Economy's Woes from Becoming Their Own", "Hudson Heights Climbing to the Next Level, "Robert Snyder Becomes Manhattan Borough Historian", "Board of Inquiry Report – Castle Village Retaining Wall Collapse", "Manhattan Rent Score: Every Building Ranked by Price Level", "Changes in Rent Stabilization, 2007-2014", "Fort George, Manhattan: Nosebleed Heights and Down-to-Earth Prices", "184 St & Fort Washington Avenue entrance", New York City Neighborhood Tabulation Areas*, 2010, Table PL-P5 NTA: Total Population and Persons Per Acre - New York City Neighborhood Tabulation Areas*, 2010, "2016-2018 Community Health Assessment and Community Health Improvement Plan: Take Care New York 2020", "NYC-Manhattan Community District 12--Washington Heights, Inwood & Marble Hill PUMA, NY", "The Medieval Festival at Fort Tryon Park", "Medieval Festival Will Draw Tens of Thousands Uptown", "Upper Manhattan Designated First 'Little Dominican Republic, "Ethnic Communities in New York City: Dominicans in Washington Heights", "Thousands of protesters fill Washington Heights streets over bungled Dominican Republic elections", "Flight to the death: Just two months after 9/11, a Queens suburb suffered the second-worst plane crash in US history. [321], Washington Heights is well served by the New York City Subway. [190] Across the street is the New Balance Track and Field Center, an indoor track and home to the National Track & Field Hall of Fame.

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