Arthur is a simple mailman doing his job, delivering packages and letters. They nodded and left quietly, not sparing a single glance at the stunned nations as they walked out the door. America was never the personification of the United States. He's done. Alfred "The Company President's Son" F. Jones has concocted a new plan to make the "Holidays" living hell for his employees. YOU ARE READING. You can easily see that hen you look onto the streets and see people protesting raiding and burning down stores and killing each other. America ran his hand through his hair and rubbed his temples, going home would not be fun. Dark America and Italy. But when they reach the nations home they find a disaster. The only way to finally have his desires filled, is to lose the mask. Just another set of hetalia one-shots, all written by me. His voice could pass for human too, if he spoke softly enough. Sign up Log in. It represents Atlanta, Georgia, capital of "the dirty South". Arthur a low rank Succubus is always bothered by an Angel named Alfred, he wants to be left alone but the other keeps following him . There is a dark side to Hetalia… Beloved characters are abused physically and mentally, but even so they choose to pick themselves up and carry on with their lives, most of the time. England sees too much of himself in America, not the self that he has learnt to grow proud of, to accept. America 4.9K 51 10. 2:42 pm The pairing is also referred to as AmeBel. They can be in any language an be of any length. Home Stories Quizzes Create Profile. This had to be done, like seriously. 10 O'Clock , the clock in front of the schoolhouse reads. En el Cd Drama "Lituania Out-sourcing", Lituania, quien estaba trabajando en la casa de América por aquel momento, trata de despertar a América, quien le pide 30 minutos mas, a lo que Lituania le responde que ya han pasado 30 minutos desde la última vez que lo trató de levantar. Spadesverse/ sweet devil. 1 Appearance 2 … By: ... 'She' was wearing what looked like a dark blue Native American costume, which, judging from how clean it was, had most likely been put on 'her' recently. He hasn't changed at all, even after everything. 04-dic-2019 - Explora el tablero "2p Hetalia" de Dashnay, que 195 personas siguen en Pinterest. Prussia Hetalia Spamano Dark Lord Kirito Love Drawings Vocaloid Manhwa Cuba Matthew Williams. Dark!Hetalia X Male!Reader (Requests CLOSED) December 31, 2017 Kimmy . Curious, Arthur lets himself get to close, and falls into a trap he cant escape from. The fanfic recommendations page for Axis Powers Hetalia grew so long that we had to split it into subpages. Amnesia Reader Insert Au 2p 2p Hetalia Aph Hetalia Hetalia X Reader 2p Hetalia X Reader X Reader Aph Hetalia X Reader (1P!Hetalia x Reader x 2P!Hetalia) [Apocalypse AU] After waking up from a coma with only a few vague memories of your past life, you find the society you once knew completely desecrated. El joven de ojos azules se inclinó para besar a su amado. Dark Canada Part 2- America Dark Canada Part 3- Dr. America took out his gun and brandished it.“I swear to god, if one more person calls me fat, I’m lighting up everyone on this island.”. Maybe he should have expected that, that the person he was when he raised Alfred would be the person Alfred was meant to be. Browse through and read hetalia fanfiction stories and books . America's jacket is a darker color. ... You smiled at these words than felt out in the dark, got an evil grin on your face when you felt his leather jacket under your finger tips. APH Prussia Canada Cuba Sketch. America pulled out a laptop from the bag swung over the back of his chair. Much like Alfred’s glasses that represent ‘Texas’, she always wears grey hoop earrings that resemble wh… Because that day, he wasn't a hero. He was one of the victims, and everyone knows a … aph america. Aug 18, 2013 - This Pin was discovered by Natayski Cross. Mirai Nikki!AU. #America-Hetalia-FC gallery. Sign up Log in. The whole world shudders. It would be kind of funny if Alfred could keep him fooled all the way up till the real king came bursting in. I will only give you complete fics, but they are the best I could find. Originally Posted on FanFiction.Net; ... Smart America; Dark America (Hetalia) Summary. The North Territory nods, salutes, and leaves. If you do not like male/male romance… Sign up Log in. (6) fanfic recommendation. One day, Canada mysteriously goes missing without a trace. And Alfred knows they’ve all forgotten the looks of fear they gave him when they realised he was a superpower, capable of far more than any of the others could dream of. 'And Arthur’s face lights up, despite the tears, despite the sobs, and Alfred can’t think of anything more beautiful than such a desperate expression of raw emotion. ' Written for the Hetalia Kink Meme. hetalia. Note that not all of them are centered on America. Settings Language. America pulled out a laptop from the bag swung over the back of his chair. alfred f jones. Rated: Fiction M - English - Suspense/Romance - [America, Russia] - Chapters: 6 - Words: 14,458 - Reviews: 38 - Favs: 106 - Follows: 126 - Updated: 8/17 - Published: 11/10/2015 - id: 11607910 Then, the Revolution. Dark!Hetalia X Male!Reader (Requests CLOSED) December 31, 2017 Kimmy . When America is late for a world meeting, England and Canada go to find him. There is a dark side to Hetalia… Beloved characters are abused physically and mentally, but even so they choose to pick themselves up and carry on with their lives, most of the time. Dark America (Hetalia) BAMF America (Hetalia) Angst; Light Angst; Character Study; Pirate England (Hetalia) Flashbacks; France Being France (Hetalia) Canon Universe; Summary. I’ll take care of you.”, He wonders, amusedly, how long it will take for Arthur to notice. The world could survive a new Cold War but the two of them working together?No, the world could never be ready. Don't go on these websites, everyday people can change the text (like me) She has mahogany skin with dark brown eyes and medium-length dark brown hair, usually hanging loosely in braids. He doesn't have a canon human name - however, one of the most commonly used names for him is AlIan F. Jones. ufd 38 Deviations Featured: Blood of the Rose Prologue. Hiding in the Dark: Dark!/2p!/Snapped! Sign up Log in. - America lost the Revolutionary War, he was taken by England, who tortured him to no end. 2P! But nothing happens. Because there is delight in having the tables so thoroughly turned. I’m stronger than your fat ass any day.” Quick as a flash Ivan grabs the gun from America’s pocket, and right in front of his eyes Alfred watches as it crumples. Dark America (Hetalia) Dark Canada (Hetalia) Summary. Inside And out. (Dark!Hetalia) America never intended for a lot of things. Work Search: ... Summary: Lovina Vargas was a normal girl once upon a time, yet she hides a dark secret nobody knows about. When Oceania’s motions stop, the Territory’s muscles tense and his composure freezes. “And we have already established that you will not be meeting him Mr.-”“Jones, Alfred Freedom Jones.” America listens to this, also known as Alfred Franklin Kirkland, and thinks little of it. Ver más ideas sobre hetalia, latin hetalia, 2p america. He's never late. 5 jul. Part two "The Lord of Winter" is ongoing and will be updated first on this site. America happened to have a plan too. Heyo! He doesn’t look back at the door, and doesn’t see the daggers in those cold eyes as they follow him out. What is not well known is the identity of the blue eyed and wheat colored hair of the teenage boy that crashed into a world meeting. His appearance is based on his 2P Nyotalia counterpart. America is pissed. your own Pins on Pinterest America/Belarus is a semi-popular heterosexual pairing involving the characters America and Belarus. Read Dark Canada Part 1- The Meeting from the story Hetalia Fan-fictions by Inactive_Account with 364 reads. yuri, oneshots, gerita. Smut scenes are skippable without taking away the plot. #2ptalia #aph #dark #hetalia #horror #romance Browse through and read an america hetalia fanfiction stories and books. Here, I will write a Dark!Character x Reader, and take requests after the first one. These restless yearnings, they strive to know. Browse through and read an america hetalia fanfiction stories and books . Well, they still suck but not as much anymore. USUK. But the rash, sadistic, superpower of a nation he had been in is youth. Initially, England had blamed the economy. ... Queen of the world (Dark America x Country Reader) October 2, 2016 Captain's Brat . México es un personaje menor de la serie Hetalia: Axis Powers. America was never the personification of America. Either when their countries have fallen or are forgotten or when the country human loose the will to live after so much suffering. Its up to the personified nations to locate these brothers and capture them, before they turn their interest onto them, in their goal to bring chaos and the destruction of mankind. Add to library 25 Discussion 4. A third way was when their people rise up and change their flag and how they work, That was how Ussr passed.Suddenly a large gust of wind blew through the Conference room and the other country's looked around in panic, England raving about fairies France grabbing England's arm trying to hide, and china was looking around probably thinking their were spirits in the room along with Mexico who was screaming about demons. Oct 27, 2015 3 min read. and Nyotalia requests are allowed, and I will use an oc for someone if I get an extremely detailed description of them and what them being dark is like. America; Summary. I have been working on my lemon skills for a while, they used to suck. The young agrarian nation is as different as can be to a modern country with the power to end life as we know it. It was cold, humourless - betraying the winter of a heart colder than Siberia, a frozen hellfire. Finding Canada Hetalia Fanfiction Fanfiction. Thoughts scampered across my mind, like anxious little mice. England stared at him dully. Browse through and read hetalia horror fanfiction stories and books. These fanfics include them as main characters. BFTLandMWandSEK 18 Deviations Featured: The Fanboy- Chapter 1. rusame. This book has a bunch of stories of either Dark!/2p!/Snapped! tip: "uchiha sasuke/uzumaki naruto" angst kudos>10. This secret will make her “better” - - - - - ... Do you have any eating disorder fanfics for 2p America? Dont worry, I'm still doing The Fifty States of America~ So yeah, thats about it! Apocalypse au. ^^ Mar 5, 2017 - Read Fear-END from the story Dark!America x Reader-Reputation by Dina-soar (Nathalie) with 5,582 reads. Based on Hetalia Stories Fanfiction. They can be about America harassing Mexico to Argentina beating Paraguay in fútbol. With the United Nations in a frenzy and the Axis power looking too to bottom for him, no one knows where he could have gone. Breaking down A hetalia 9/11 fanfiction Fanfiction. Discover (and save!) Sign up Log in. Home Stories Quizzes Create Profile. What is a nation without humans? The conference room after hours is not a nice place. That is something that is well known. I already had one plan though; kill evil twin me. Now, the two are considered the world’s greatest threat as they target and kill any and every world leader of the world. He was just a fish, swimming upstream, managing to get by from ferrying himself off of the other larger, more strong fish, who had little to no problem going against life itself, swimming with the school while he was pushed out and out and out and down and back and. America (アメリカ, Amerika) is a main character in the series Hetalia: Axis Powers and leads the Allied Forces. The Hetalia Writer's Discord does drabble games. Correctional Officer Arthur Kirkland is in charge of supervising the infamous Alfred F. Jones. Browse through and read an america hetalia fanfiction stories and books. ... "Looks like you've won seven minutes in a closet with America." Browse through and read hetalia fanfiction stories and books. Hetalia Fanfiction Stereotypes.

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