Apartments Downtown, one of the largest rental agencies in Iowa City, has reached a settlement with plaintiffs in a class-action lawsuit that alleged the rental agency billed its tenants for charges contrary to state law. Eleven months after the McQuillen Place project in Charles City filed for bankruptcy, an Illinois architectural firm has brought a lawsuit in U.S. District Court against the financiers. Apartments Downtown didn’t even bother to use an online thesaurus when writing Provision 48 of its common lease, which uses that same exact word, "indemnify." Downtown Inc., also known as, Apartments Downtown, Apartments Near Campus, Associated University Realty, and Iowa City Maintenance. Downtown and Apts. A settlement has been reached between current and former tenants and subtenants of Apts. Apartments Downtown, one of Iowa City's largest property management companies, and the Iowa Tenants Project have reached a tentative settlement to a class action lawsuit… If the complaint is not resolved, the tenants may contact Mr. Warnock, who will first informally try to resolve the issue and, if necessary, represent the tenants in court at the expense of the landlord. IOWA CITY | College students who rent private apartments often are taken advantage of by landlords who unfairly withhold safety deposits owed … The lawsuit is against Apts. This lawsuit was soon named Brooke Staley vs. Tracy Barkalow. Iowa Code 562A.11 prohibits provisions in rental agreements that, and I quote, "indemnify the other party for a liability or the costs connected therewith." In the settlement Judge Chad Kepros of the Sixth District of Iowa determined that each former tenant who resided at Apartments Downtown properties for at least one year between 2010 and 2012 will receive $65 for each year of tenancy. Originally filed in late 2010, the case alleged multiple violations of the Uniform Residential Landlord and Tenant Act, first created in 1972 and adopted in Iowa seven years later, which governs the rights of both tenants and landlords. email: ☎ 319-354-APTS (319-354-2787) OFFICE HOURS: Office hours! View floor plans, photos, prices and find the perfect rental today. My WordPress Blog. 2345 Landon Road, Ste. The Corridor Business Journal’s annual Health Care Summit will examine national health policy issues and refocus them to the regional level. … Apartments Downtown, which is based at 414 E. Market St. in Iowa City, is owned by James A. Clark, according to state records. Engage the kids with our Kids Articles, Worksheets, Free Printables, Fun Activities, and more! An Apartments Downtown sign advertises apartments for rent on Gilbert Street in Iowa City. He was one of the attorneys in a successful lawsuit by tenants against Apartments Downtown in Iowa City. Such a mandatory charge was deemed illegal. In total, he estimated $500,000 or less would ultimately be paid out, likely over several years. Filing Deadline: November 15, 2016. Office: 2607 Monroe St, Madison, WI 53711 Map Whistler: 416 Iowa Avenue, Iowa City, IA 52240 Map Telluride: 278 East Court Street, Iowa City, IA 52240 Map Breckenridge: 707 S Dubuque Street, Iowa City, IA 52240 Map Email Us As of January 2021, the average apartment rent in Downtown Iowa City is $1,063 for a studio, $1,223 for one bedroom, $1,494 for two bedrooms, and $2,066 for three bedrooms. IOWA CITY — A recent Iowa Supreme Court ruling involving Iowa City housing giant Apartments Downtown marks Iowa Tenants’ Project’s latest victory, an attorney with the project said. Free registration is required. ordered the settlement in the five-year-old class-action lawsuit, ruled that Apartments Downtown had violated Iowa Code, Senators ask Biden administration to reverse latest ethanol waivers, Iowa City clothing store Vice buys, sells, trades sneakers and vintage clothes, Anthropolgie clothing store to open at Iowa River Landing, Iowa ethanol production drops 12 percent in 2020, Indigo Room restaurant, Hotel Millwright bring something new to Amana, Iowans vent frustrations, anxiety on slow-moving vaccine rollout, Linn County school nurses get vaccinated for the coronavirus, Do you qualify for a COVID-19 vaccine in Iowa? Monday-Friday 1pm - 4 pm … Finding an apartment So I'm looking to find a new apartment for me and 3 roommates for next year and cannot deal with the Apartments Downtown/ Apartments Near Campus/ Apartments at Iowa people again. Downtown or Apts. According to Christopher Warnock, an attorney representing the tenants in the case, $65 was a “compromise” that accounted for the variance in size of the charge, depending on the square footage and rent of the apartment, as well as the landlord’s claims that some tenants’ carpets legitimately required and were subject to cleaning or replacement. “We see this as a new partnership between landlords and tenants.”. "It's about Time!" Any individuals who were tenants or subtenants of these apartment complexes for the 2010-2011, 2011-2012, 2012-2013, and/or 2013-2014 lease years are eligible to receive payment under the deal. The company also operates as Apartments at Iowa. 460 likes. The main purpose was for violations of the Iowa landlord-tenant statute, on the landlord’s part. Near Campus in Iowa City. The Iowa Tenants’ Project is now in the midst of a $1 million class-action lawsuit against Apartments Downtown for illegally charging more than 14,000 tenants for automatic carpet cleaning between 2010 and 2012. Find Apartments for rent in Downtown Iowa City, Iowa City, IA by bedroom, cheap to luxury, pet friendly, with utilities included and more. Christopher Warnock, attorney with Iowa Tenants’ Project in Iowa City, said the Friday ruling reaffirmed the illegality of automatic carpet cleaning fees for tenants and found the landlord … Check rates, compare amenities and find your next rental today! He was one of the attorneys in a successful lawsuit by tenants against Apartments Downtown in Iowa City. Apartments Downtown Class Action Near Campus contained various provisions that were prohibited under the Iowa Landlord Tenant Act. Phone: 319.665.6397   Fax: 319.665.8888 See all apartments, townhouses, and houses in Iowa City, Iowa, currently available for rent. “Just be up front with your tenants, let them know, and then you’re fine and off the hook,” Mr. Warnock said. The dollar figure is tied directly to a mandatory carpet-cleaning charge that was present in the company’s lease for all tenants. The Iowa Tenant Project first began its case against the Apartments Downtown about five years ago, a few former tenants alleging that the leases they signed with the rental provider contained prohibited provisions, carpet-cleaning fees, responsibility for repairs and maintenance and liquidated damages, all of which violated the Iowa Uniform Residential Landlord Tenant … T he Iowa Tenants' Project also pursues class actions in order to clean up leases and ensure that tenants have a … As part of an agreed upon complaint process, current and future tenants of Apartments Downtown are expected address maintenance needs or other concerns related to their unit with their landlord, who has 10 business days to resolve the complaint. PHOTO/CHASE CASTLE, By Chase Castle That lawyer would represent the tenants to ensure fairness while providing more accountability from the landlord, he said. The student body and ever-expanding downtown district provide an incredible variety of apartments and homes to renters, so no matter your budget or style there’s a perfect fit for you in the city … The nonprofit Iowa City Tenants’ Project is pursuing class-action certification in cases against Apartments Downtown, Barkalow and Houser Enterprises. District Court Judge Chad Kepros earlier this month ordered the settlement in the five-year-old class-action lawsuit. Apartments Downtown arranged for Iowa City Maintenance to replace the kicked-in door, and the charges were billed to De Stefano and her roommates. Iowa City’s largest property management company is appealing the certification of a class-action lawsuit to the state’s high court. 100, North Liberty, IA 52317 Active leases with clauses identifying automatic charges do not need to be rewritten, he said, but landlords using such leases should notify tenants in writing that those clauses will not be enforced. I've been trying to find places rented by people other than them but have found it rather difficult. Apartments Downtown appealed the ruling last August. Exclusion Deadline: November 15, 2016 Apartments Downtown, Apartments Near Campus and Apartments Near Iowa are part of the Tenants' Project Complaint Process. Apartments Downtown representatives could not be reached for comment. © 2011 Corridor Media Group, Inc. - Chief Lending Officer, Cedar Rapids Bank & Trust, - Director of Vision Benefits, Delta Dental of Iowa, Kalona Creamery brings yogurt production home, Preparing for open enrollment during a pandemic: Add dental/vision benefits for healthy employees. 457 likes. Iowa City’s historic downtown is right across the river from the university, and hosts a wide assortment of storefront shops, restaurants, bars, nightclubs, and performance venues. The deadline for former tenants to submit claims is Nov. 15. See all 321 apartments and houses for rent in Iowa City, IA, including cheap, affordable, luxury and pet-friendly rentals. To submit a claim, visit Company: Apts Downtown. IOWA CITY (AP) — A settlement has been approved after a class-action lawsuit was filed against an Iowa City off-campus student housing provider over illegal fees and the withholding of The Gazette's Mary Sharp will lead the discussion as photojournalists share their unique journey in the storm's timeline and moving moments. Former tenants must provide the year of tenancy, the mailing or street address of the building and preferably the unit number. Apartments Downtown Class Action Docket Number: LACV072840. Last year, facing a class-action lawsuit, Apartments Downtown was told to pay about 14,000 tenants $65 each for an illegal carpet-cleaning charge for each year of tenancy. Christopher Warnock, a lawyer with the Iowa Tenants Project, said a judge gave the settlement preliminary approval on Tuesday. Join us via Zoom for a free virtual edition of Pints & Politics, Thursday, January 28th at 5:30 pm. “While the class action settlement is great, I am even more excited about the complaint process,” Warnock said in a Monday news release. Johnson County District Judge Chad Kepros granted a summary judgment against Apartments Downtown on July 8, ruling that a lease Apartments Downtown used from 2010 through 2014 had several illegal provisions.

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